Getting back to Blogging!


It’s been a very busy end of the year for me!  I have been back and forth to my daughters house helping with the kids!  I haven’t had time for much cleaning or anything at home! Check back this month for a new looking blog, and more content being added!  I have had time to do a line up of ideas and list of files to make for the New year!  2015 is going to be a fun year here at Household Cleaning and More!

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Shoe Organizers not just for shoes



I really got tired of my cabinet under the sink being so full. I had way to many cleaners hanging out there.  I ran out and purchased an ‘over the door’ shoe organizer.  I put it up in my laundry room, so the cleaning supplies were centrally located!  Makes it easy for everyone in the house to get to them!



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Free 7 Minute Workout App from JNJ


Johnson & Johnson has a FREE 7 minute workout app!  I have been using it for about a week.  it seems pretty good, and it’s great for a quick workout when you have a busy day.  It will ask if you want to stretch first and you can or you can hit the skip button. It is a pretty fun app!



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Free Wedding files!

weddingSummer is definitely here, and weddings are being planned!  If you have planned your wedding already, the checklist can help, for you to go over your details!  If your planning your BIG day, here are some files for you!

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