Monthly Archives: December 2012

Free 2013 Calendar

The 2013 calendar is now available. Download and print the FREE 2013 Calendar. [download id=”33″]

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Free Daily Planner

Looking to get your day organized?  I just uploaded a FREE Daily planner to help you get your day in order!  

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Holiday Register

While getting my Christmas cards written, I have found out that many of my friends have moved!  I was sitting here thinking of an easy way to keep the Holiday Register clean without cross out or mark ups!  

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Spring Cleaning: Laundry Room

  Spring cleaning the laundry room isn’t that large of a job, but making sure you clean all area’s of the room is.  

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Spring Cleaning: Bedroom

Spring Cleaning the bedroom, is also big job.  There is so much going on in the bedroom.  Dressers, jewelry box, lamps, etc.  It can be pretty challenging.

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