Clean a room in 15 minutes or less, index cards

3 x 5 cards

While putting together my Cleaning notebook for the New Year, I was tired of looking at my old index cards to speed clean my Kitchen, dining room, etc.

I put the 15 minute room cleaning tasks on 3 x 5 index cards.  These cards print out on card stock, any paper or  Avery Index Card #5388.  They fit easily into recipe card holder or you can laminate, punch a hole in the corner and put on a metal book ring.  book ring [Click photo to enlarge]

Included on the cards [not blank cards] are:  Kitchen, dining room, Living/family room, bathroom, bedroom, laundry, entry/hall way plus blank cards to add your own.

If you have a tip to add to the cards, or just a tip in general, please post it!!

Cleaning 15 minutes is: 4 pages with tips and rooms with a few empty spaces [outlined for cutting]
Cleaning 15 minutes BLANK is: 1 page, print out as many as you need [outlined for cutting]
Cleaning 15 minute Avery #5388: Use with Avery index cards. [no outline for cutting]

15 Minute Cards Blank (size 31.4 KiB) (hits 159)

15 Minute Room Cards (size 73.5 KiB) (hits 158)

15 Minute Cards For Avery (size 73.5 KiB) (hits 149)

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