Clean the Bedroom in 15 minutes or less

Cleaning the bedroom can seem to be over whelming, but taking 15 minutes out of your day to straighten and clean it up, can save you time in the long run!

If you notice, that cleaning each room has approximately 7 steps!  Each step can happen in 2 minutes or less! [Unless the mess is larger, plan on spending a little more time in the room!

  1. Pick up/put away clothes & shoes  [fold/hang/hamper]
  2. Make the bed
  3. Straighten up the dressers
  4. Quick dust [if needed]
  5. Pick up and empty trash
  6. Quick vacuum
  7. Put away items from basket that don’t belong in the bedroom

Remember this is a quick clean.  Dusting is only needed if feel that you need too.  It can add a few minutes to your 15 minute cleaning time!

Bedroom deep cleaning file!

Free Bedroom Checklist (size 61.4 KiB) (hits 263)