Clean the Dining area in 15 minutes or less

If you have a dining room, make it also a quick clean up! Usually my dining room get a lot of what was recently purchased, making it the room with the most stuff. I try to clean it immediately after I get home from shopping, but sometimes times I get busy doing other things!

  1. Pick up items that don’t belong
  2. Check table cloth, replace if soiled
  3. Straighten sideboard/cabinet put items away
  4. Wipe furniture
  5. Sweep/mop/vacuum [as needed]
  6. Empty trash
  7. Put away items that are put in the basket.

Remember this is quick cleaning, and should be only 15 minutes or less.  Sometimes things come up to make it a few minutes longer.

Deep cleaning Dining-room checklist:

Free Dining Room Checklist (size 59.7 KiB) (hits 213)