Clean the Entry Way in 15 minutes or less

Cleaning the Entry Way can be pretty quick and done in less than 5 minutes!  I don’t have a large entry way, but sometime many items are left there, and seem to be homeless!

  1. Remove items that don’t belong
  2. Put away jackets/mitten/boots/umbrella/etc
  3. Clean bench/chair/etc
  4. Wipe door handles
  5. Empty any trash
  6. Sweep/mop/vacuum [as needed]
  7. Put items away that don’t belong

I have received a few emails letting me know that it isn’t about how long it takes to clean a room or an area, it about getting time to do it.  These tips are for your use and to do them when you have time.  I do many of these 15 minute cleaning tips at night, right before bed.  I feel that they stay cleaner longer that way, a total of approximately 8 hours since everyone is sleeping at night!  When I was working, I use to look at the different rooms and see which ones would be the quickest to clean.  Many times the living-room was the quickest as not much time was spent there, so it would get a quick going over and I would feel I had accomplished something.  I would try to get at least 3 rooms/areas cleaned up a night!

Deep Entry cleaning checklist 

Free Hallway Entry Checklist (size 60.3 KiB) (hits 196)

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