Clean the Livingroom/Familyroom in 15 minutes or less

The Living room or Family room are the most occupied area’s in the house.  Seems they both gather clutter, dishes, trash, etc! [Of course if you have both a livingroom and family room]

Seems just when it is cleaned up, it gets messed up again! The best time for me to have cleaned the family room was at night. If I did it during the day, it didn’t seem to stay clean. I figured that cleaning it up at night was the only time it was cleaned for more than 5 hours because everyone was sleeping!  Here is a short list of items to take care of while cleaning both areas:

  1. Pick up items that don’t belong
  2. Remove any clutter
  3. Straighten furniture
  4. Quick Dust [as needed]
  5. Empty trash
  6. Sweep/mop/vacuum [as needed]
  7. Put items away that don’t belong

Of course if you clean both rooms you can expect to be about 30 minutes, but if your on a roll you can clean up both in 20 minutes.

Deep cleaning Living/Family room: 

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