Day 12: Twelve days of Cleaning! Keeping it clean!

12 days of cleaning Welcome to the 12 Days of Cleaning Series, Day 12! Thanks so much for following along on this series!  I want to Thank those who contacted me via emails!  I know some don’t like to post on the blog, so I thank you for your kind words!

Let’s keep the house clean!  Many have their own ways of keeping the house clean, here are just a few ideas to keep it clean!  I for one love a clean uncluttered house, but sometimes things just get out of control, especially at my house!


-Remove any items that don’t belong
-Clean up all dishes
-Wipe down appliances
-Wipe down the counters/table and sink
-Empty trash
-Sweep/mop/vacuum the floor [as needed]

Dining area:

-Remove any items that don’t belong
-Check the table cloth, change out if needed
-Straighten sideboard/cabinet put items away
-Wipe furniture
-Empty trash
-Sweep/mop/vacuum the floor [as needed]


-Remove any items that don’t belong
-Straighten out any clutter
-Straighten furniture, pillows, throws, etc.
-Quick dust as needed
-Empty trash
-Sweep/mop/vacuum [as needed]


-Pick up/put away clothes and shoes [fold/hang/hamper]
-Make bed
-Straighten up dresser[s]
-Quick dust furniture [as needed]
-Pick up and empty trash
-Quick vacuum


-File loose papers/recycle junk mail
-Dust furniture as needed
-Straighten shelves
-Empty trash
-Vacuum floor


-Pick up the clothes put in hamper
-Clean and straighten counters
-Clean and wipe the mirror, facet and commode handle
-Wipe the commode/tub/shower
-Sweep and mop the floor if needed
-Empty Trash

Hall/Entry Way:

-Remove items that don’t belong
-Put away jackets/mitten/boots/umbrella/etc
-Clean bench/chair/etc
-Empty any trash
-Sweep/mop/vacuum [as needed]

Thanks for following along in the Series: Twelve Days of Cleaning!  It’s been a busy 12 days and now I am off to finish up my Christmas shopping! In January 2014 look for the Series: ‘Organizing the house’! From junk drawers to linen closets to filing and more!

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2 Responses to Day 12: Twelve days of Cleaning! Keeping it clean!

  1. Cattie says:

    This was very useful, thank you. Got my house cleaned up….

  2. I love your post, and I think that breaking cleaning down into its individual parts will definitely help for us to see what needs to be done and what can be left for a little while. I agree that getting rid of things that shouldn’t be in a particular room can be of great help, but this is something that should be done on a day to day basis, before the clutter gets too much. If you do this, then it is much more likely that your home will never get into such a state in the first place, and you will therefore never be in the position of having to do a huge cleaning marathon in order to get everything sorted out again.

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