Filing made easy!

fileFiling, my not so favorite task!!!!

Setup your files how you would like them. I had all the category files in different colors, and the sub folders in the manila colors. It made it very easy to identify where it started and ends………


Make filing easy for you. You’re the one who has to file the paperwork

…………Now I use Smead® Colored Pocket-Style Classification letter folders with partitions and built in folders. I like them because they have folders in them, and it easy to file information. These also work great for keeping Family members files all in one!  Also easy to hand your child one folder when they leave the nest!

Smead® folder

There are so many colors of file folders, you can do different colors for categories. Colors are red, blue, green, orange, gray, purple, yellow, pink, white, navy, maroon, teal, camel, lake blue, lavender, moss, and black. Some of these colors come in pastel also.
Here are the main file categories you should have for your filing records. If you don’t have all of them, you don’t have to make them.

Automobiles [Sub folders for each individual vehicle]
Bank Accounts [Sub folders for each bank]
Charities [sub folders for each charity]
Credit [sub folders for each credit card account]
Employment [sub folders for each working family member]
Insurance [sub folders: Autos, Medical, Home and Life]
Investments [sub folder for each investment]
Medical [sub folder for each family member]
Personal [sub folder for each family member]
Real Estate [sub folders for each property, if more than one]
Residence [sub folders for each residence, if more than one ie. House, cabin, etc]
Retirement [sub folders for each retirement fund]
School [sub folder for each child]
Self-employment [sub folders for each business, if more than one]
Social Security
Taxes [sub folder for each family member]
Warranties [Sub folders for each appliance]

What goes in each file? Download the Reference guide:

Filing System Reference Guide (size 98.7 KiB) (hits 142)

Autos: Make a file for each vehicle, Car, truck, RV, 4 wheeler, etc. In each file list the vehicle to include: Make & model, year, Identification number, date of purchase
File anything related to your vehicle. Maintenance, repairs, new tires, etc. When filing make sure the mileage and date is on the paperwork.
Make a copy of the title, do not put the original in the file, it should be kept in a safe or safety deposit box.

Filing Auto Information (size 28.1 KiB) (hits 125)

Filing Recreation Vehicles (size 28.6 KiB) (hits 172)

Bank Accounts: Make a separate file for each account. In the main file keep the number for the ATM cards and pin, account numbers. If you don’t feel comfortable of having these in the file, you can put them in a safe or safety deposit box.
Under each account keep the statements, canceled checks, ATM receipts, etc

Filing Auto Information (size 28.1 KiB) (hits 125)

Charities: Keep a list of all donated items along with the receipt from the charity you donated to. All donations to your Church can be stored here.

Credit cards: Keep all credit card information in these files. You can make separate files for each credit card. In this file keep all card names, numbers, card phone numbers in case they are lost or stolen!
In each individual file, keep the card statements, receipts, any correspondence, etc

Filing Credit Card Information (size 22.6 KiB) (hits 153)

Employment: In the main file, keep a list of the Name of the person and the place and number of where the person is working.
Under each name, keep the benefits for the job, handbook, retirement, 401 k, etc.

Employment-self: Make a file for each business. Keep in this file: Business expenses, schools, travel, insurance, credit card numbers, canceled checks, etc


Employment: mileage/travel and reason, meals, gifts and entertainment-you must have receipts. Any and all expenses that may be tax deductible.

Miscellaneous: Accountant fee, financial advisors, investment managers, Attorney’s, home/office expenses, computer costs, deposit box fees, etc.


Filing Insurance Policies (size 17.8 KiB) (hits 138)

Autos: Make a file for each vehicle, boat, RV, 4 wheeler, etc. In each file keep a copy of the policy, payments, claims, etc.

Medical: Make a file for each person. Under their file keep policies, payments, brochures,
claims, etc.

I have medical, personal and schooling all in one for each family member. Makes it easy for filing and putting files away

Home: keep a copy of all policies, payments, correspondence, photographs of property, etc. If you used the files I made keep the list in a safe or safety deposit box.

Life: Keep a list of all policies under each individual’s name. Keep the payment records, etc in this file.

Investments: Make a file for each investment. Keep your statements, cd’s, collection records, dividends, interest received/paid, receipts and anything related to each investment.

Medical Records: Make a file for each family member. Keep in this file: Any allergies, appointments, blood type, bills paid, lab test results, Medical history, medical receipts, vaccinations, prescriptions paid out, etc.

Filing Health Providers (size 20.8 KiB) (hits 166)

Personal: Make a file for each family member. Keep in this file: Adoption papers, birth/death certificates, divorce paperwork, child support, baptismal papers, military discharge records, etc.
I keep the personal and medical records in the same file.

Filing Personal Information (size 24.2 KiB) (hits 167)

Personal-Pets: Make a file for each pet. Keep the vaccinations, Veterinarian name, address and phone number, etc.

Real Estate: Deeds, escrow, property tax, interest paid, mortgages, etc.

Residence: Make a file for each residence, ie. House, cabin, etc. Rental contracts, improvements receipts, title, etc

Filing Home Improvements (size 19.1 KiB) (hits 155)

Retirement: Make a file for each family member. CD’s tax, brokers statement, dividends, IRA’s loans, mutual funds, etc

School and Child care: Make a file for each child. Keep in this file: expenses, school brochures, grades, college aps, financial aide forms, etc

Social Security: Keep in this file: Earnings, pension received income, social security income, etc.

Taxes: Canceled checks, tax returns, etc.

Warranties: Make a file for each appliance ie: refrigerator, furnace, stove, etc Keep the manuals, warranties, repairs, etc in these files.

Wills and trusts: Keep in this file: Cemetery deeds, inheritance, trusts, estate tax returns, wills, etc.

Remember, you’re the only one who can make your filing easy