Help company’s coming!


So company’s coming and you need a quick clean up.  Throughout all the cleaning posts I wrote, I have said to use a basket to remove items that didn’t belong in the room.

Grab your supplies:

√ Basket[s]
√ Microfiber cloth & polish
√ Vacuum/broom
√ Disinfecting wipes

First things first!

The bathroom!  There is nothing worse than a grossed out bathroom for your company to use.  Start with the mirror, a quick wiping and move down to the counter and sink.  Straighten up any messes and remove the clutter.  Hit the commode with cleaner inside, the seat and outside.  Make sure you wipe the handles!  Put any items that don’t belong in the bathroom in the basket.

Next hit the room that’s most important to you! I move on to the kitchen trying to put everything that is out away. I like to leave a few appliances out, the coffee maker and the toaster oven. I  do a quick wiping of them and then wipe the counters.  Put the dishes in the dishwasher and run if full.  Wipe out the sink.  Sweep/vacuum the floor and spot clean with the wipes.  If the floor needs a total wash, do it when you have the kitchen cleaned up.  Put any items that don’t belong in the kitchen in the basket.

Moving on to the living room.  Declutter first, and then run the microfiber cloth over the wooden furniture.  Fluff up the couch cushions, pillow and straighten the throws.  Next  sweep/vacuum the floor and do any spot cleaning that needs to be done.  Usually there is no one in the livingroom, so it’s pretty clean already.  Put any items that don’t belong in the living room in the basket.

Next on to the dining area!  I use to have a huge problem with keeping the table and room cleaned off, but I have overcome that and now it’s pretty clean.  Dust the wood furniture, and sweep/vacuum the floor. Spot clean any areas that are dirty or wash the floor.  Put any items that don’t belong in the dining area in the basket.

Mostly everything that ends up in the basket at my house is owned by my kids.  I tell them after every room completed to remove their stuff from the basket, not very often is there anything left in the basket.

If you have kids, they are great to help you clean up.  With a little bit of teaching in the younger years, they can be a big part of helping with the cleaning.  One can straighten the bathroom, another in the kitchen, etc.
Download a blank file or the checklist

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