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The purpose of the Household Planner is to get yourself Organized! There are many files you can print or just print the ones you want.

If you need any help, please Contact me, or leave a comment.

HOW TO USE your NoteBook

A great idea is to color code your planning lists! Example: Personal-light blue; cleaning-yellow; Inventory-green…etc. Makes it much easier for you!

Dividers are a great way to separate the documents: Food or Kitchen; Calendar, Holiday or Christmas; Personal; Cleaning; Financial; inventory…etc. You can label the dividers whatever you want. There are many different dividers sold, but what I did was just use some white ones I had stored away, and wrote the Labels in the color code that went with the paper. It was quick and easy!

The Monthly Budget sheet [Download] comes in 1 page or 2 pages and with or without children. It is simple to fill out and keeps track of what you are spending. It has a Take home pay/income, Home Expenses, Debt [credit cards/loans/etc], Auto Expenses, Daily expenses, and other expenses, Children expenses [only the files with children]. It is very simple to insert the information. If you need help, let me know!

The home inventory [download] is very easy also. It comes in 2 pages. The first page has an area to put your Insurance Company information: Company, Agent, Phone number and policy number. Both pages have Item, location, date purchased, price, Store, Warranty?, Model number, Serial number, Notes, photo taken. Page 2 only has the inventory without the insurance information.

Here is a sample of what to put in the Blocks: Company: Best Insurance; Agent: Mr. Smothie; Phone number: 555.555.0000; and policy number: BI000000-00

In the Inventory blocks: Item: Westinghouse Television; location: Family Room; date purchased: 28 Sept 2011; price: $950.00; Store: Best TV’s ever; Warranty?: Yes, 1 year; Model number: [found on the back of the TV]; Serial number: [found on the back of the TV]; Notes: excellent condition; photo taken: yes, placed in file.

That is it and pretty simple. If you have any questions of problems or even suggestions either contact me or join in the forum!

If there is a file you would like made up, please contact me.

Putting together your Notebook!

I printed out all the documents, and in your case you may not want all of them. Many have their own calendars, to do lists, etc., that they use. In my case I don’t have anything else and have always printed out my own documents.

After printing out the documents, I had to figure out which is the easiest way for ME to use them. I do have daily things to do, so making the first section is the easiest way for me to remember to open it first.

After going over the documents, I came up with these categories for the dividers:

Daily planner, calendar, menu and cleaning list

Calendars [under this divider I put the monthly calendars, that way if I have an appointment in a different month, I can flip to the month and write it on the calendar]

Cleaning documents [the cleaning documents for the each room cleaning, the fall and spring cleaning lists]

Food/Shopping list/Inventory [of course this is inventory for the kitchen] [grocery list, menu planner, pantry inventory, frig and freezer lists]

Phone numbers [important phone numbers, quick phone numbers]

Personal [under this divider I put the anniversaries, birthdays, email addresses, goals, to do list, websites]

Financial/Budget [Financial and budget sheets, check register, list of expenses]

Home Inventory [self explanatory]

Extra Sheets [extra sheets I felt I would go through pretty fast]

You can download the

Table Of Content (size 63.5 KiB) (hits 220)

I had previously purchased the dividers, and when I purchased them, I went to the site I bought them from and downloaded the template to make and print out the table of content. The results make the first page look pretty nice. I did print it out on card stock paper.


Working the Pages in the Notebook: Daily planner, calendar, menu and cleaning list

When making your pages and putting them in your Notebook, use page protectors you can use a dry-erase marker to mark tasks completed.

I will go through each section to help out with filling in the documents. The Daily section of the notebook is the first section I look at in the morning. I check the calendar to see if I have any appointments, meeting, lunch dates, etc.

When I see that there is something going on for that day, I check to make sure that I wrote it on the weekly planner. I tried to fill up the weekly planner until it is fill. Then recycle it, unless there is private information on it.

On the calendar for 3 October, I had an appointment. I try to make my dental and doctors appointments on the same day so I don’t have to do a lot of back and forth driving, it’s just me! J When I make my appointment’s I write on the date of the calendar, note if more than 1 appointment in the notes space on the calendar and then write the time and date on the weekly planner sheet. If you can read the photo below, you will see that on the 10 October I had to be at the airport. I didn’t have any appointments than on the 3rd and 10th of October.

So now that I have happily confused you, I will make it simple:

? Write the appointment on the calendar [note if more than 1 appointment on the same date]

? Add it to the Weekly planner sheet

The next page under the Daily divider is the cleaning check list. I use the one I made up, but you might use the blank file because people do different things. I keep the blank sheet behind the Daily checklist, just in case I come across something that needs to be cleaned daily.

Note in the photo that I had added Laundry under the Extra’s location. When I make up my new list I will add it in, as I do a load of laundry just about daily.

I have made a sample of how to use the Blank Cleaning checklist:

It’s simple to make your own file.

I also keep the menu planner here, just in case I think of something to fill in an empty spot. If I can, I fill in the menu as much as possible, or sometimes I fill in week by week, depending how I feel. Sometimes I find recipes in a magazine that sound great and I want to try them, so if I have a blank spot in the upcoming week, I can make it. I put the ingredients on the shopping list, so I make sure I get everything on Sunday when I grocery shop.

[Photo coming soon of the menu and grocery list]

Pages for your Household Planner

You can download the files here:  Download
Address Book
Anniversary list
Birthday list
Christmas Cards Sent received
Email Addresses
Fall cleaning list
Freezer items checklist
Grocery List with headers
Grocery List
Holiday Card Register
Important phone numbers
Pantry items
Quick phone book list
Spring Cleaning List
To do list
Weekly Day Planner
Check Register
Christmas Gift List
Goal list

Year Calendars:
Weekly Day Planner
2013 Blank Calendar
Day Planner 1 page
Monthly Calendar Blank

Room By Room Cleaning: [download]

Bathroom Cleaning checklist
Bedroom Cleaning checklist
Closet Cleaning checklist
Dining Room Cleaning checklist
Hallway/Entry Cleaning checklist
Kitchen Cleaning checklist
Laundry Room Cleaning checklist
Linen Closet Cleaning checklist
Living room Family room Cleaning checklist
Pantry Cleaning checklist
Stairway Cleaning checklist

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