May 2014 House cleaning calendar


Oh Happy May! The snow is finally gone but we have had some rainy days!  I have been looking for my pictures of the island we renewed, but that is time consuming since it was a while ago, and I have many disks with photos to go through!  I am hoping to get that out in the next week!


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April 2014 House Cleaning calendar

aprillgMy apologies!  I wrote this post at the end of March, and for some reason didn’t post automatically!  My apologies!

April is here!  And with the weather getting nicer, I am hoping to get my spring cleaning on in the next few weeks! I love it when I can open up my house and get the feeling of Spring through the house!

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Spring is in the air, but it hasn’t sprung yet!


Well it’s Spring and I do love Spring but it’s hard to clean when there is snow on the ground and snow falling!  I haven’t started my spring cleaning yet, because of the fact that when I spring clean I love to have the windows open and air the house from winter and clean away!

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